Chocolate & Sweets

Have WE got candy!!! We have everything chocolate dipped from caramels to coffee beans. We also carry a large selection of dark chocolate dipped items. We have Australian licorice to old fashioned candies you remember eating as a kid. We also carry a HUGE selection of gummi candies such as fried eggs, chicken feet, butterflies, army men, sharks….and the list goes on and on!! If you enjoy making your own candy, we have coating wafers and pure Wilbur block chocolates.

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  • Coated Nuts

    Coated Nuts

  • Coated Pretzels

    Coated Pretzels

  • Novelty & Old Time (Candy)

    Novelty & Old Time (Candy)

  • Coated Dried Fruits

    Coated Dried Fruits

  • Licorice


  • Wrapped Candy

    Wrapped Candy

  • Gummies / Jelly Candy

    Gummies / Jelly Candy

  • Dark Chocolates

    Dark Chocolates

  • Milk Chocolates

    Milk Chocolates

  • Yogurt Coated

    Yogurt Coated

  • Sugar-Free / No Sugar Added

    Sugar-Free / No Sugar Added

  • Coating Wafers / Block Chocolates

    Coating Wafers / Block Chocolates

  • Ice Cream Toppings

    Ice Cream Toppings

  • Baking Chips

    Baking Chips

  • Alpine Dark Chocolate Wafers -0

    Alpine Dark Chocolate Wafers

    From $5.99
  • Alpine Milk Chocolate Wafers -0

    Alpine Milk Chocolate Wafers

    From $5.99
  • Alpine White Wafers -0

    Alpine White Wafers

    From $5.99
  • chocolate andes

    Andes Mint Wrapped

    From $7.99
  • Anise Squares-0

    Anise Squares

    From $5.69
  • Assorted Fruit Slices-0

    Assorted Fruit Slices

    From $3.49
  • Assorted Fruit Starlights -0

    Assorted Fruit Starlights

    From $3.09
  • assorted jawbreakers

    Assorted Jawbreakers

    From $5.99
  • Assorted Tootsie Fruit Rolls -0

    Assorted Tootsie Fruit Rolls

    From $5.59